How Travel Board Games Make The Journey A Little Easier

Ever go on a family vacation that no one enjoyed because of the tedious travel time? Your next vacation doesn’t have to be that way. Travel board games can keep the kids busy in the back seat while the the miles quietly disappear.

Board games have always been a wonderful way to get family and friends to spend time together. They encourage communication, imagination, and teach children about winning and losing. In today’s world of video games and online games, board games make for a breath of fresh air.

We all need a vacation once in a while, but the traveling can be quite a horror story, especially for families with young children. In the past, board games have been more trouble than they were worth, due to the lack of space and the ease with which pieces go missing. But with the arrival of travel board games, children can enjoy their favorite games, whether in the car, on a plane or riding the rails.

Classic Games

The Scrabble Travel edition is always popular, with a board recessed to hold the pieces in place. This way you can stop midway and resume your game after a lunch break. It also has a compact board and carrying case, which doesn’t take too much space in your luggage. Scrabble is one of the classic board games, appealing to the intellect of every age. When your children are busy engrossed in making words, the miles will appear to pass in no time.

For the younger age group, there’s travel versions of Hungry Hippos, Connect 4, Guess Who and many others. Each game comes in a compact, convenient case, for easy use and storage.

Manufacturers are recognizing the need for travel board games, especially since they’ve gradually become more popular. With this in mind, they’ve also developed combination games. For instance, you may have Chinese checkers on one side of the board or box, and a Chess game on the flip side. Or Snakes and Ladders on one side, and Trouble on the flip side. These travel editions always come with magnetic counters and roll-o-matic dices. So, even if the ride is a little bumpy, your game can continue smoothly.

Other board games are available in the electronic version, including the popular Battleship and Connect Four. Though they’re often better suited for single players, they’re also often criticized for their small screens which may strain a child’s eyes.

You can also easily find pocket size and miniature games on the market today. Try your local toy store or hobby shop, or check out the travel games that are available online before you take that next vacation.

Many families may not have the luxury of dedicating a weeknight for family game night, but when they’re all ‘confined’ in a car for five hours, travel board games can help create wonderful memories for the future – even if it is just until the next McDonalds.

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